09 Nov


A Henchmen Inventor Tent Udo.

This seemingly inoccuous phrase puzzled gamers and industry professionals alike with Square Enix posted it on the official Final Fantasy XIII site this past friday. Luckily for us, forum users hintonmj and Squirrel  Emperor quickly cracked the code and posted their findings on www.finalfantasy-xiii.net, the mystery anagram spelling out “Announcement Nov Thirteenth.” Industry analysts have already speculated that the 13th could be the day the Western release date of the game will be announced, but no one outside the prestigeuous development staff have the official follow-up. Make sure to keep coming on back to Elder-Geek.com for all the news as it becomes available.

What do you think the announcement is? Could it just be the Western release date, or something more? Give your thoughts below to receive ultimate bragging rights when you’re proven right!

3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII Mystery Announcement Coming Nov. 13th”

    1. OH, I wouldn’t doubt that, they said spring 2010, and that falls just in line with that statement. Hell, they said that they already started the Voice Over part in September/August time, so that means a head start, and closer releases between the US and Japanese releases. The other question is there going to be a Special Edition, cause if there is I might be tempted to get that, FFXII had one, so why not keep it up, there is a lot that could go on another disk to show the making of’s and stuff.

  1. It will hopefully be an announcement of the North American release date and maybe what will be in the collector’s edition.

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