18 Nov


Thanks to E-G user Ray for first spreading the news in our forums!

Looks like even the Wii isn’t immune to losing former exclusives this generation. The original No More Heroes may have had underwhelming sales, but it quickly gained a cult audience whose fervor was enough to merit a sequel – No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. But, according to information in the upcoming issue of Industry-Secrets-Revealed Monthly (also known as Famitsu), PS3 and Xbox 360 owners will have their chance to play around with Travis Touchdown as developer Grasshopper/Suda 51 brings the burgeoning franchise to multiple platforms.

Not much is yet known about the game, save for a title (No More Heroes: Paradise) and a Japanese release date (February 25th, 2010.) From the scant few screenshots revealed so far, it could either by a completely new spin-off to the series or a revamp of the original installment. Despite the PS3 receiving their own motion control set shortly after the launch date in Japan, the developers have announced no plan to include functionality for them in the retail version of the game.

3 thoughts on “No More Heroes Goes Multiplatform”

  1. Well we have to wait and see, cause if it is a straight port, then the PS360 versions will be crap. Translating well implemented motion controls doesn’t end up working out all too well. If it is a spinoff then I am happy, but a port doesn’t do the franchise justice, especially if the controls suck ass. Ok, and this is also the time I wish I knew Japanese, Damn for having to wait one more year to take classes.

  2. I’m betting that there’ll be a standard controller option and once the PS3 Wand and Natal come out, it’ll get patched for Motion Control.

    1. But the question is, Are the adaption of the controls gonna make the game better than the original. Cause I am worried that this is just gonna end up like just a run of the mill hack n slash.

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