16 Nov

PC enthusiasts are perhaps the most varied and eclectic group of gamers around. Have a loved one that’s a PC gamer and don’t know what to purchase them this holiday season? Our trusty PC Gamer Buyer’s Guide is here to help.

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Shooter Fans: Borderlands

borderlandsborderlands2Set on the planet of Pandora, players delve into Gearbox’s hybrid shooter / roleplaying game as one of four different characters, each with unique skills and weapon proficiencies. One of the great features of Borderlands is the randomly-generated weapon types that can be found in the game. With all the combinations available, Gearbox estimates players can create and find over 17 million different variations of weapons.

Borderlands can be played alone or with a friends online offering not just hours, but days of replay value. It received stunning marks from almost all major gaming sites, so you can rest assured knowing that Borderlands is sure to please your geek in mind.

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Role-Playing Fans: Dragon Age Origins

dao1dao2When describing Dragon Age: Origins, the word “amazing” doesn’t cut it. If you aren’t familiar with the game and you’re considering purchasing this for your geek, first answer a few of these questions. Does your geek love Lord of the Rings? Does your geek play any online role-playing games like World of Warcraft or Aion? Does your geek prefer games with deep stories and character development? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then Dragon Age: Origins is a must buy.

Guaranteed to satisfy gamers for hours–if not days–on end, the only downside to Dragon Age is the lack of cooperative multiplayer. However, the impeccable delivery of the single player experience is more than enough to fill that void for most players.

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Action Fans: Batman: Arkham Asylum

batmanaa1batmanaa2Bolstering superior graphics to its console counterparts, Batman: Arkham Asylum delivers on all accounts and is one of the greatest superhero video games available on the market. Easily a contender for a few game of the year awards, Batman: Arkham Asylum is sure to please any fans of the comics, television shows and movies that bare the Batman name. Even if your geek isn’t the biggest Batman fan, the beat-em-up / stealth gameplay delivers a cinematic experience that almost everyone will enjoy.

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Racing Fans: Dirt 2

dirt21dirt22If your geek loves racing games, you are hereby ordered to check out Dirt 2, one of the most beautiful racers out there. The lighting stands out on night tracks where headlights, logo projections, fireworks, and other environmental lights glimmer and reflect off the body of the car and the track. The sunlight shining over the horizon will cause other lights to dim in its presence. Water splashes to life with realistic ripples while cars dash through puddles. Dirt and mud fly everywhere as you slide around the track. And car / damage models still look great. Being dirty never looked so good. Codemasters delivers yet another badass interface to boot as they masterfully stylize their menus. Dirt 2’s menus are different sections inside and outside of the trailer that you’re using to tour around the world, conquering different tracks.

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Stocking Stuffers (Great Games For $20 Or Less):


Killing Floor, Trine, Defense Grid, and Torchlight

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Stumped? Here’s Some Titles All PC Gamers Should Own:


Crysis, Company of Heroes, Mass Effect, Bioshock, World in Conflict

7 thoughts on “PC Gamer Holiday Buyer’s Guide”

  1. I also recommend STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, The Orange Box and the first F.E.A.R. game, besides, they are incredibly cheap nowadays.

  2. And The Witcher, best RPG in a long time (and imho better than Dragon Age). Also, i’d like to point out there’s a lot of people still playing CoD4 MP and it’s still as awesome as ever.

  3. I’d recommend the Age of Empires Collection, available for under $10 at most places, and the Blizzard Battle Chests for Starcraft (under $20), Warcraft III, and Diablo II (under $40).

    And if you’re in Europe, you must pick up the Baldur’s Gate Collection, Icewind Dale Collection, and Thief Collection.

    I’d also say that Civilization Chronicles ($70ish) is perfect for fans of the series. Every Civ game except for the most recent IV Expansions.

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