11 Nov

Justice XboxLive

British newspaper ‘The Guardian’ has released news that possibly up to one million Xbox Live users have been banned as a result of modding their Xbox 360 to play pirated games. Over 600.000 accounts were confirmed to have been banned earlier this week, but according to ‘The Guardian’ it is likely that this number will increase to a possible total of a million account during the remainder of the week.

Though a ban generally prevents users from logging back online with the affected console, it does not render the console useless. Games can still be played locally, but the console will never be able to connect to Xbox Live. Microsoft has been banning large numbers of accounts for the past seven years every November. It is unclear whether or not this latest action was aimed specifically at coinciding with the launch of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

6 thoughts on “Possibly Over 1 Million XBL Users Banned”

  1. Not really surprised by that at all. God, these pirates are ridiculous.

    You should see the amount of people with elaborate bullshit stories in the Xbox suspension forum:


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