11 Nov

According to the website scrawlfx.com, these images may confirm facebook integration, new more customizable gamer cards, and a new more fluid way to organize photos. No other information other than the photos have been released and Sony has not made any type of announcement. Although it is not Farfetch’d to believe that Sony would follow Microsoft path.  So what do we think Elder-Geeks? Photoshop Fake? or Take it to the Bank?

Update 1: . The original pictures have now been traced back to the official playstation website. So from what we can tell Scrawlfx.com is now confirming these reports!


6 thoughts on “Rumor Confirmed: Facebook and New Gamer Cards Coming to PS3!”

  1. I don’t really care about the facebook thing, but a new gamer card would be great. They really need to let people make there own avatar pictures pictures though or at least give us A LOT more to choose from.

  2. Facebook itself is kind of meh, but I think it could be cool if they tie it into the games like Uncharted 2 did with twitter.

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