05 Nov


This weekend on Steam, gamers can pick up a copy of the space epic Mass Effect for a song at only $9.99. For PC gamers who missed it the first time around and are now being wooed by Bioware’s amazing ability to tell a tale in Dragon Age: Origins, this is a wonderful deal.

Still unsure? Be sure to check out Elder-Geek.com’s full review of Mass Effect and all its expansions. It may help you decide.

For more information, visit Steam’s Mass Effect page.

4 thoughts on “Steam Weekend Deal: Mass Effect”

  1. Nice deal, although a decent hunt will net a disc copy of similar price, and the “Platinum Hits” version had additional missions and some bonus featurettes.

  2. This is a good thing and a bad thing. I love digital distribution for this reason, you can get games for cheap with deals any day of the week, but that is also the bad thing, it eats up your money. I am tempted by its price, but I am trying to limit why I buy since I don’t have a job right now.

  3. I’ll buy it, but if I didn’t liked it on the 360 then I really doubt I’ll like it on the PC.

  4. I bought the game on Steam last year, and I was kinda disappointed. The story moves at a snails pace for half of the game, and it is a real grind to make it to the exciting parts.

    It was definitly not my favorite Bioware title, and it is close to my least favorite.

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