21 Dec

Konamistyle has hinted a 19 disc original soundtrack for the Castlevania series dubbed Akumajo Dracula Best Music Collection BOX to be on sale March 24, 2010 in Japan for 21,000 yen (~$230 USD).  The soundtrack is to include the music from every single published Castlevania game including the spin-off, Kid Dracula.  The 18 disc set will contain arrangement from former Konami composer Michiru Yamane with a bonus DVD with interview and footage from recording sessions. Currently there are no announcements for releases outside of Japan.

9 thoughts on “19 Disc Castlevania OST”

  1. dowantdowantdowantdowantdowant

    They need to make more definitive Video Game OST collections. I’m definitely gonna buy this.

    But they’d better not leave the NES and SNES games out in the cold. I want original sound versions.

    Although I’d prefer it if they did a nice orchestral album like the 20020220 Final Fantasy album or the FFVI Grand Finale.

  2. $230 USD…..huge rip off…this should be like 60 bucks max. Great soundtrack and all, but 230 is WAAAAAAAY to much.

    1. I disagree. The soundtrack to every game? Even if they were priced at the bargain price of $9.99 per CD, it’d still be way more than $60. And considering the fact that buying the soundtracks individually can cost upwards of $40 in some cases, then $230 for a comprehensive collection is a bargain. Just because it’s video game music doesn’t mean its any less worthy of pricing similar to ‘regular’ music.

  3. “Just because it’s video game music doesn’t mean its any less worthy of pricing similar to ‘regular’ music.”

    Thats actually exactly why I think its worth less. Especially the 8 bit stuff. But its a personal preference, it basically is 12.50 per CD, which I think is a huge rip for a “collection.” I could probably get the entire Beatles Discography for under 150, and thats the Beatles. Also i don’t know this, but don’t some of the games use the same music? Maybe I am wrong, not sure.

  4. OK so maybe the 8-bit stuff would be worth less but a lot of the later stuff is fully orchestrated. It’s also more expensive because the Beatles catalogue has been reprinted countless times whereas video game soundtracks only see extremely limited distribution outside of Japan. Even in Japan video game soundtracks only began to pick up speed in the mid 90’s, meaning a lot of older games never had an OST release.

    But in the end, it’s still a collector’s item and a collector will have no qualms about throwing down 230 clams for all of the Castlevania music. I’d pay that much and more for a similar collection of Final Fantasy music. (Fingers crossed)

    1. I’m with you, Eliot. Haven’t been this excited about a VGM release since Streets of Rage was reprinted in 2007. Paid 40 dollars for the 3 CD’s, and promptly had to sell them for 1.25… Sad face…

      As for CV, this is a fine price, but I really doubt that the masterpieces Perfect Selection Dracula New Classic (1990, 10,000 printed copies JPN) or the Dracula Battle Perfect Selection will be included.

      I do hope that the Saturn Symphony of the Night extra tracks will be the least that they have!

  5. I am all over this, providing this comes to the US. I really want this. 19 discs of Castlevania music, count me in, well worth the $230, the 19th disc is a DVD.

    1. I’m just gonna preorder it as soon as it’s available on Play Asia. I doubt it’ll ever come to the US.

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