06 Dec


After creating one of the most popular interactive universes in history, developer Bungie is looking to bring in some fresh meat for what they hope will be the “next game universe.” With the studio unsure of how long it will be tethered to the Halo-verse, one of Bungie’s job postings seems to be looking for a talent to take them to the next narrative frontier. All thoughts amount to rumors at this point, but with the talent behind Bungie, whatever they take gamers next will certainly be worth the wait.

What could be in the works for the Halo-makers? Pitch your universe-ideas below!

2 thoughts on “Bungie Looking to Hire for the “Next Game Universe””

  1. So I’m wondering–how the hell do you get to the point where you’ve worked on two AAA titles…if every single one of these job postings always require that you’ve worked on two AAA titles?

  2. Finally, I want to see a new universe out of Bungie. I hope it isn’t your standard Space Marine game, god knows we have a lot of those games already.

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