24 Dec

The passing of the original Electronic Gaming Monthly video game magazine brought tears to many a gamer, but through some impressive financial maneuvers the editorial was able to revive itself under transferred management, and is set to be fully revitalized in the consumer market. The first issue of the new Electronic Gaming Monthly will hit store shelves this coming March (dated for April,) and will include a voucher for a digital version of the magazine, which include extended versions of the published articles and more original content. Many of EGM’s old contributing editors will also be returning with the magazine’s relaunch.

“Time Warner Retail is the preeminent player in the single-copy field so it should be no surprise that we have selected them to represent the print version of the publication,” said Steve Harris, publisher and original founder of Electronic Gaming Monthly and president of EGM Media, LLC. “The fact Time/Warner Retail’s relationship with the title goes back nearly twenty years made this an easy decision and one that will immediately benefit our efforts.”

“We’re thrilled to once again be representing one of the leading titles in its category,” said Mike Bogas, Senior Marketing Manager of Time/Warner Retail Sales & Marketing. “Electronic Gaming Monthly is a brand that is synonymous with the gaming field and one that has consistently performed well for us in the past. The new changes that EGM is making to integrate print and digital will only enhance the product further.”

“With our new weekly digital format, and the premium enhancement that newsstand purchasers will receive, we’re changing the value proposition in a new and meaningful way,” explained Harris. “Not only does the digital companion allow us to offer additional content that is complementary to the print magazine, but it also gives us a way to communicate with our readers and update the print product in an ongoing manner.”

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