02 Dec

Famitsu has announced that Heavy Rain will be releasing on February 8th in Japan under the title, Heavy Rain Kokoro no Kishimu. Quantic Dreams has given the game full localization with Japanese voice overs. Also in the latest magazine is a teaser of the length of Square Enix hit title Final Fantasy XIII. Director Motomu Toriyama noted that the main story will clock in at 50 to 60 hours depending on the player’s experience. Final Fantasy XIII is set to release on December 17th in Japan and March 9th worldwide.

3 thoughts on “Famitsu: Heavy Rain Release Date, Final Fantasy XIII 50-60hours”

  1. O.O Heavy Rain release date?!!? YAAAAYYYY!!!!!

    Hopefully this means the States will be getting it either earlier or soon after…been waiting for this bugger for over three years now!

  2. I like the sound of that 50-60 hour story for Final Fantasy. Since I like to take my sweet time with FF games and explore everything it will probably take me longer than that.

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