18 Dec

FinalFantasy VIII Banner

Without making a clear announcement beforehand, SquareEnix has made Final Fantasy VIII available on Playstation Network during a content update last night. The eighth instalment in the long-running series was originally released in 1999 for the first-generation Playstation and a year later for the PC. Available for $9.99, the game can also be played on a Sony PSP, with save games apparently transferable between the handheld and a Playstation 3.

Final Fantasy VIII is the second Final Fantasy game to be made available on the Playstation 3, with Final Fantasy VII being made available as well in June earlier this year.

6 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VIII Now Available on PSN”

  1. When I finish my studies, get a job and finally get my own place and a tv… a PS3 is gonna be one of the first things I buy, to play these FF rereleases :)

  2. How about NOT rereleasing a game that can be bought in hard copy format brand new for under $20? How about putting some of the insanely expensive PS1 RPG’s like Xenogears, Vagrant Story, or Dragon Warrior VII on PSN instead?

  3. I love this game (except for drawing magic), but since I still have my original PS1 copy in perfect condition I will not be buying this.

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