08 Dec

Image 16 other Laras here...and there.

Image 16 other Laras somewhere in this picture...

Yet another job listing reveal could mean a major change for one of the industry’s most beloved franchises. Eidos’ Crystal Dynamics studio recently requested a lead designer “to lead on future AAA title development for Xbox 360 and PS3.” Continuing, “This position requires the ability to create a distinct multiplayer experience.” Most known for continuing the popular platform-action Tomb Raider franchise, the inclusion of multiplayer could work with Lara Croft’s recent stint into third-person shooter territory. From the rumors that are now floating about industry insiders – including Elder-Geek, naturally – is that such a position would lead towards to separate, deathmatch-style content rather than in-campaign integration like co-op missions.

Is some Tomb Raider deathmatch madness right up your alley? Think the franchise should stick to the single player extension? Let us know your thoughts below!

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