15 Dec

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According to Siliconera, Nintendo recently managed to establish a new trademark for videogames and electronic devices under the name of ‘Zii’ in Japan. The trademark was filed on October 30th, but didn’t show up until earlier this week in the Japanese trademark database.

It is unclear what the future use of this trademark might be, if any, though the most obvious speculation would be that it is the name for a successor to the Nintendo Wii. However, Singaporean consumer electronics producers Creative Technology is known to be working on a media device also known as the Creative ‘Zii’ as the successor to the Creative Zen media player. Whether Creative Technology has already established rights to this name in territories other than Japan is unclear at this point.

UPDATE: Engadget has explored this topic further, and found that this is perhaps merely a renewal of a 2006 Trademark request. Furthermore, it appears as though Nintendo also possess the Oii, Yii, Bii and Cii trademarks.