14 Jan

A Japanese magazine, CoroCoro Comic has revealed all 8 Robot Masters in the upcoming Mega Man 10 game for Wiiware, Xbox Live and Playstation Network. The roster and brief description of their attacks are as follows:

Commando Man: Attacks with a powerful explosive wave.
Blade Man: Attacks with three swords.
Nitro Man: Can transform into a motorcycle.
Sheep Man: Splits up and creates lightning strikes.
Solar Man: Absorbs attacks and attacks with solar energy from his head.
Chill Man: Fires an icy shot.
Pump Man: Has a water-themed shield weapon.
Strike Man: Throws a powerful fastball.

2 thoughts on “All Mega Man 10 Robot Masters Revealed”

  1. Now it is time to speculate what all of their weaknesses are. I think Solar Man’s weakness will be the sword shot (from Blade Man).

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