07 Jan

Roughly twenty years ago, a group of developers at Capcom were working on a project that was designed to combine elements from the popular Megaman series and Sector Z. The game they were working on was initially known as Dark Rift, though the project was later renamed to Dark Void.

Though the game was eventually shelved, following the arrival of the SNES, Capcom recently announced that the original would be remade and released as a downloadable 8-bit title for the Nintendo DS to complement the release of Dark Void for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. In fact, the game had to be recreated from scratch, as the original files were lost over time. The game follows Rusty, a human originally born in the Void, who has to take up a jetpack to defend Earth from the Watchers.

The game is now available for download in the DSi shop for 500 points. A set of screenshots for the game can be found after the jump.

2 thoughts on “Capcom Releases Dark Void Zero”

  1. Its cool that Capcom has taken a game that they shelved and repurposed it and are now releasing it. Nice job Capcom. Either it is an old shelved game, or a cleaver marketing ploy, either way it is cool.

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