04 Jan

After being officially revealed to the general public last month, popular gaming magazine GameInformer has launched a new online hub that includes a treasure trove of information on Dead Space 2. Features on the site include interviews with Visceral Games staff members, a recap and overview of the Dead Space-lore, details on the changes Isaac Clarke has undergone between the first and second game-installments and much more.

Amongst others, it is stated that Isaac will no longer exclusively wear mining-gear, and that his new armor is somewhat more suitable for combat and zero-g maneuverability. The site also contains a semi-3D environment that shows Isaac Clarke in his newly designed suit fighting Necromorphs (that have also undergone a slight redesign) in what appears to be a Unitology church or temple. Screenshots of this content can be found after the jump. A release window for the game was not announced, though it was made clear last month that the game will release on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The Dead Space 2-hub can be found here.

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