20 Jan

The folks, over at Xbox Evolved have released from what we can tell, is the first footage of Halo Reach ever. Not much to say, seeing as there really isn’t any gameplay footage per say. This is more of a leaked Menu and Loading screen, but some may find it interesting non-the-less. Some would argue this is the most anticipated game of the year, others say this franchise is on its way out after the luke warm reception ODST got. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Halo Reach Beta Footage Leaked”

  1. Call me a fanboy, but I’m pretty sure this game is gonna rock the house. The fact that the some sort of beta-build is accessible like this is a good sign though… it can’t be that far off now :)

  2. Too bad the video shows shit! Other than that… everything is as expected (well, except “murder mode”). I am really curious to see how the squad mechanics will work. At least they are changing the way you play the game (I felt like the formula had worn thin during Halo3 and ODST).

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