04 Jan

As a result of the End-of-Year deals digital content distribution platform Steam was running over the past days, the service has apparently run out of unique serial / registration keys for the popular sci-fi RPG Mass Effect. On Friday, Bioware’s 2007 masterpiece was available on the service for one third of it’s regular price and at this new $5 price level, demand has gotten so high that Steam users who purchase the game at this moment will not be able to play the game until Steam has replenished their stock of unique keys. They made the following statement on their site:

Oops, this is embarrassing. Due to high demand we have temporarily run out of unique keys for this title. You may, by all means, purchase at the awesome sale price but may not be able to play until we receive more unique product keys. It shouldn’t take too long, we have sent armed guards to the publisher’s house to get them out of bed, drive them to their secret lair and produce more keys.

The long-awaited sequel to Mass Effect will launch later this month on PC and Xbox 360. Those who are quick might still benefit from the last few offers Steam is currently offering, which includes Torchlight, Left 4 Dead 2, Grand Theft Auto IV, Bioshock, Killing Floor and other games at heavily reduced prices. These offers can be found here and last until 12:00 EST.

5 thoughts on “Steam Runs Out of Unique Mass Effect Keys”

  1. They really ran out of PREY keys before? That is pretty surprising to be honest, especially since many gamers had mixed feelings towards it despite the generally positive critical reception… then again, any game at $2.50 is probably gonna sell like hot cakes :)

    1. Yeah, they ran out during the sale, I was shocked myself, never seen a game sell out on Steam before, ever. So they put Bioshock on sale for $5.

  2. Wow, even Valve is surprised by the demand, odd that they couldn’t somehow anticipate this. Always happy to see interest in good games though.

    …Prey was alright, no idea why it would have such a following though.

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