04 Jan

Welcome to the inaugural installment of Elder-Geek’s new regular feature, the Video Blitz! Here we embed, upload, and present all of the official videos for a soon-to-be-released game in one convenient place for your viewing pleasure! So before you head to the store or download portal, make sure to stop by the day of your most anticipated IP’s release date to make sure you’ve seen everything you need to make a purchase decision! Our first game under the trailer-scope is Sega’s hotly anticipated (pun somewhat intended) Hideki Kamiya action-fest Bayonetta.

Set in the fictional European city of Vigrid, you play the recently awakened Umbra witch Bayonetta, whose 500-year rest is disrupted only for her to have no memory of what occurred before. Over time and gameplay you’ll slowly recall the ancient feud between the Lumen Sages of light and Umbra Witches of dark as you battle your way to Hell and Heaven in order to rediscover the purpose of your magic and existence as a whole. Sporting constant action set permanently at a fever-pitch, Bayonetta sports a combo attack system similar to Kamiya’s oeuvre (Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe,) but injected with even more adrenaline. Dodging attacks at the last possible moment turns on slow-motion Witch Time, and Bayonetta can shape-shift, wield weapons, and even use her magical hair to summon demonic entities to finish off boss encounters. Over-the-top, sexy, and completely addictive, Bayonetta is bound to get your blood pumping, in whatever sense it can.

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Bayonetta Official Trailer

Bayonetta TGS 2008 Trailer

Bayonetta E3 2009 Trailer

Bayonetta Gameplay Trailer 1 (weapons and combos)

Bayonetta Gameplay Trailer 2: Torture Moves (weapons and combos)

Bayonetta Gameplay Trailer 3

Bayonetta Gameplay Trailer 4

Bayonetta Gameplay Trailer 5

Bayonetta Gameplay Trailer 6

Bayonetta Revelations Chapter 1

Bayonetta Revelations Chapter 2

Bayonetta Revelations Chapter 3

Bayonetta GamesCom Community Interview