27 Jan

Capcom returns (with new-to-the-franchise developer Eighting (Tekken: Dark Resurrection)) to the cross-franchise brawl saga that made them even stronger arcade gods with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom – Ultimate All-Stars. An upgraded and enhanced version of the game that has been kicking around Japan for months, the 2.5d side-scroller gets 5 new characters from the Capcom side of things as well as a Wi-fi compatible online play. Take in all of this glorious fighter you can with our one-stop-trailer-shop feature, the Video Blitz!

US Stop Motion TV Spot

E3 2009 – US Debut Trailer

Japanese Trailer

Japanese Overview Trailer

JAMMA Show Trailer

Japanese TV Spot

Japanese Wii TV Spot

TGS 09 Trailer

Japanese Mini-Game Trailer

Introduction Cinematic