05 Feb

While a successful title in the Indie games library of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service isn’t near what it costs the folks at Infinity Ward to send someone out for coffee, some of the service’s more lucrative IP brought in some impressive numbers in 2009. Microsoft recently added to their recently released ‘Top 20’ list of Indie games with specific sales stats for titles like I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!1, which sold approximately 160,000 copies and generated $112,000 for its creator, James Silva.

The only other IP to break through the triple digit was Avatar Drop, at 117,000 units sold and $81,000 made, aided no doubt by a higher price tag. Also helped by their more expensive price tags were RC-AirSim (74,000 sold, $129,000 made) and ezmuse+Hamst3r edition (14,000 sold, around $100,000 made).