24 Feb

Xbox owners may want to consider a hard drive upgrade if they wish to play Square Enix’s latest in the Final Fantasy series with minimum loading and pop-ins. XIII, between its three discs, is reported to take up 18.3GB of space on the HDD. Split evenly between Disc One (5.9GB), Disc Two (5.8GB), and Disc Three (6.6GB), the massive amount of storage required is presumably to assure a similar level of quality between it and the PS3 version, whose blu-ray discs are able to store multiple times the amount of DVDs.

12 thoughts on “FFXIII Xbox 360 Installation to Require 18GB”

  1. That is a bit rediculous. MGS4 did it, and it was bad then. At least they are trying to make both versions equal.

    1. Even then, the comparison is between a PS2 game and a Game Cube game. The 360 version is washed out and textures are blurry like a PS2 game (but not as bad), and the crispness of a Game Cube game (best hardware of last gen, PS2 was worst, fact).

  2. Wow… all that hate… and out of all the people who have replied, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who actually games on a 360.

    And I don’t really see the problem. I haven’t yet seen the difference between the PS3 version and the 360 version, and if there is any I sincerely doubt it will detract noticeably from the awesomeness that this game is gonna spread. Installing is OPTIONAL and generally only affects load times.

    1. I haven’t seen any differences with the two versions either Robin, but if it is 18 Gb of data that needs to be installed, it might be best to do it. It will clean up textures, limit texture pop in, and lower load times.

      Also, I’m sure the PS3 will have a large install to it too… and I wouldn’t be suprised if it is close to 18Gb. I could see them doing the same thing that MGS4 had to do, which is a real shame. It completely takes the wind out of my sails when I have to put the game down for 15 minutes to do something else in the middle of the game.

      1. I rarely instal games unless I have to. I installed The Last Remnant because the load times are a real problem in that game, as are texture load-times. The only other game I installed was Battlefield: Bad Company… which I played so much that I wanted it as smooth as possible.

        The overall advantage of installing on the 360 is that you don’t HAVE to do it. You can play the game immediately when you pick it up, and you can install when you take a break or something.

        That said, almost all LAUNCH 360s came with a 20 gig HDD. That isn’t alot, considering demos often take up at least 1g, and if you tend to play like me and make a new save game every 5 minutes, you’ll find that MANY games are taking up hundreds of Mbs…

        1. If this is true, I stand corrected.

          And also, why wouldn’t you want every game to run as smoothly as possible (aka install it)? That would be like playing a PC on low settings, even though you have a high end PC.

      1. Well, you don’t HAVE to do it, and you can suffice with only installing one disc at a time. If you move to the second disc, you can remove the first from your HDD and just install the second one.

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