02 Feb

Microsoft recently announced Game Room, enabling you to play classic arcade games in a virtual space will only support games with lower than E10+ rating. Similar to Nintendo’s Virtual Console for the Wii where each game is submitted to the ESRB game board individually for $800 per game rating, Microsoft has taken a cost effective initiative to self classify its virtual arcade titles with a E10+ rating. With this in mind, titles such as Final Fight, Street of Rage and Metal Slugs won’t likely make an appearance. Game Room games are 100% arcade accurate and features exclusive enhancements such as improved graphics. Previously released titles won’t be compatible with Game Room and have to be repurchased due to rating restrictions. Microsoft’s Game Room is set for launch this spring.

One thought on “No Teen/Mature Games Allowed in XBLA Game Room”

  1. That is crap, another reason why I don’t like this idea. They are missing out on a lot of great arcade games, Gauntlet comes to mind right away.

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