18 Feb

PopCap Games, publisher of nearly-every-social-game-worth-being-addicted-to, released a survey today, conducted by internal staff. Of the 5,000 respondents, 1/4th used social platforms like MySpace and Facebook. More interesting, the statistics averaged out to paint the picture of the average social gamer as being a 43 year-old female. Residents of both the United States and the United Kingdom were surveyed, with the US having a 55-45% split between female and male players, the UK faring similar with a 58-42% split. United States players average at 48 years of age, with the UK sporting a much younger 38 year-old range. And while the US had 46% of American gamers were over the age of 50, only 23% are 50+ in the UK. The much lauded 21 and younger range only accounts for 6% of the social gaming population.

The survey can be read in full here.