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14. Mario & Peach – Mario Series

We're here by obligation!

We're here by obligation!

While the relationship of Link and Epona is arguably more substantial, one cannot omit Mario & Peach from this list.  However, considering the shallow nature of their relationship and lingering suspicions about the fidelity of Peach (after all, where did Bowser’s kids come from?), the plumber and the princess just barely make it to our list.

We first saw the duo together in 1986 in Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Little did we know that Mario would be perpetually rescuing the damsel in distress for the next 24 years.  There’s been no real development of their relationship since 1986 when Peach was simply known as Princess Toadstool, but we at Elder-Geek are somewhat bound by tradition to include them for the same reasons that we’d be forced to list Bowser as one of the Top Video Game Villains.

But now that we have that tired couple out of the way, let’s get onto the good’uns.

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13. Conker & Berri – Conker Series

You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals...

Talk about waking up from a raging hangover only to find out that your uber hot girlfriend, who is twice your size, was kidnapped by a mafia boss to be a stripper in a club—a far cry from the Conker and half-size Berri in Conker’s Pocket Tales. Conker & Berri originally started out as a cute and cuddly woodland critter version of Mario & Peach in Conker’s Pocket Tales (1999) for the Game Boy Color.

But a massive overhaul of its Nintendo 64 sequel, Conker’s Bad Fur Day (2001) would produce the mismatched couple of one drunken squirrel and one furry object of lust.  Their relationship is close, crossing into ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ territory during a spoof of the lobby shootout from The Matrix, and there’s a hint of substance underneath Conker’s clumsy woo pitching and Berri’s valley girl attitude.

— — — — — — — — — —

12. Cole McGrath & Trish Dailey – inFamous

Though they're in a video game, their relationship feels real.

When people discuss video game couples, often times Cole MacGrath and Trish Dailey from inFamous don’t come to mind. But they should. Out of any video game characters before them, Cole and Trish show that relationships don’t “just happen” and then it’s happily ever after. They require real effort and sometimes things don’t work out the way we want to. They’re easily one of the most organic couples that has ever graced our screens.

Though we don’t know their exact history, we do know that as a couple, for the most part, they’re functional. We understand that Trish is upset with Cole for his past indiscretions. Gamers don’t know precisely what he’s done wrong in their relationship before the start of inFamous, we can all identify with him. It was probably something incredibly stupid and he’s doing what he can to rectify the situation.

Their story ends on a particularly sad note as gamers get a glimpse of “what could have been” through the mind of Kessler. With the time-traveling storyline of inFamous, it makes us wonder about their future potential.  – Randy Yasenchak

11. Manny Calavera & Mercedes Colomar – Grim Fandango

Here's looking at you, corpse.

One wouldn’t expect Bogie and Bacall to be a pair that gamers would gravitate towards, but the folks at Lucasarts gave us just that, only dead, in the greatest adventure game ever made. The film noir dynamic of the classic Silver Screen duo spiced with a gloriously realized Dia de los Muertos design made the Land of the Dead more visceral than most living video game worlds at the time.

A down-on-his luck guy paying off his eternal debt in a not-as-cool-as-it-sounds Grim Reaper post, Manny Calavera is called into action to investigate the mysterious mistreatment of good souls in the afterlife, the simple purity of one Mercedes Colomar being his main motivation. As the two meet sporadically over Manny’s 4-year journey to the truth, Meche quickly shifts from innocent charity worker to smoldering dame.

Far from the ditzy damsel, Meche is arguably Manny’s equal in both cunning and charm, some of the vodka-smooth conversations between them yielding some of the most entertaining wit the medium has managed. Like the films that spawned Grim’s style, we aren’t always sure where Mercedes stands in the conflict; Manny’s belief in her innocence taking him from hapless Death to silver-tongued leading man as he works his way to the answer. It’s difficult to imbue polygonal skeletons with charisma, but Manny Calavera and Mercedes “Meche” Colomar are stunning examples of old school glamour that just wouldn’t die. – Gavin Greene

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10. James Sunderland & Mary Sunderland – Silent Hill 2


Don't you hate it when you get letters from your dead wife telling you to go to the creepiest place in America? Isn't that the WORST?

The thought of rescuing one’s beloved is as old a video game trope as the bleep or bloop, but Silent Hill 2 threw a wrench into the works by having their damsel in distress be three-years dead. The mysterious letter James received — post-mortem — from his wife is the ethereal MacGuffin to a messed up dimension of psychological fear and constant tension.

Literally everything James encounters in his journey through Silent Hill’s foggy streets is either directly related to, or indirectly caused by, his relationship with Mary. The most intimate thoughts about their relationships are twisted and demented to monstrous forms to haunt James as he is slowly brought to recall the real history of their marriage. Impossible to fully describe without massive spoilers, it’s needless to say that their relationship was anything but normal.

Depending on how you play, your idea of James’ role in the relationship will shift from horrid disgust to equally horrid pity. While James and Maria had the more obvious bouts of foreplay, there is no denying the phantom effect Mary had on every single moment we controlled James. Like it, or have no idea what it exactly is, there is no relationship like James and Mary in any other video game.  – Gavin Greene

— — — — — — — — — —

9. Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher – Uncharted Series


Neither one is afraid of punching you square in the face.

Drake and Fisher make a hell of a pair.

They’re more than just your standard video game couple. They’re a dynamic duo as Fisher is more of a sidekick than the stereotypical female tied to the train tracks. Elena’s never afraid to pick up a pistol and help out with the fight.

Their relationship feels completely natural as their witty banter bounces off one another even when they’re both under heavy fire. Thanks to the vocal and physical deliveries of Emily Rose and Nolan North, they’re also two of the most believable video game characters of all time.

Even though they started Uncharted 2 apart from each other, their reunion was a moment of triumph for plenty of Uncharted fans. Thankfully, Naughty Dog has found success in their relationship and though nothing has been officially confirmed, it is a pretty sure bet that we’ll be seeing more of these two in the future. -Randy Yasenchak

— — — — — — — — — —

8. Khalid & Jaheira – Baldur’s Gate


She was a true neutral. He was neutral good. And yet they managed to make it work.

As your foster father Gorion told you, in the event of your separation from him, you must make your way to the Friendly Arm Inn, where you will meet Khalid & Jaheira, who had long been his friends. Upon doing so, you learn that there’s nothing like slaying kobolds & gibberlings with your significant other to bring you closer together.

Khalid & Jaheira seem to be a strange match. He is somewhat meek unless Jaheira or the welfare of innocents are at stake and she is a fiery and domineering sort. Individually, they’re two extremes, but together, they form a perfect whole. This just makes the death of Khalid in the prologue of Baldur’s Gate II that much more painful. His untimely murder at the hands of Jon Irenicus forever changes Jaheira and any player who knew him when he was alive.

In addition to being a moral compass for the party, Khalid was also an excellent fighter whose abilities were bolstered by Jaheira’s role as a druid and equally competent fighter. Their importance to one another became abundantly clear when one was forced to fight alone. And that is why I’m giving them the Number 8 spot.

Rest in Peace, Khalid.

— — — — — — — — — —

7. Gwendolyn & Oswald – Odin Sphere

Sadly, this love affair was missed by too many on the Playstation 2.

Formerly enemies, Gwendolyn first meets Oswald on the battlefield and is horrified at first to discover that she has been promised to him. But in her duties as a wife, she grows to care for Oswald and the two form a relationship that is beautiful in a “star-cross’d lovers” kind of way. Throw in a bit of the legend of Orpheus and you have a heartbreaking romance that will certainly be remembered as one of the many highlights of Odin Sphere.

The two will fight to the death for each other and there’s an odd sense of peace and tranquility in their relationship. And while propriety and duty play a large part, their words and actions show that they are truly in love. It’s not the most original approach to the whole ‘boy meets girl’ scenario, but it’s no less satisfying or enjoyable.

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6. Max Payne & Mona Sax – Max Payne Series

Oh Max and Mona.... we wish we could see more of you.

These two really are Bonnie & Clyde. Partners in crime, they’re the quintessential noir couple. Their relationship, while based largely on lust and power, is an interesting one. In the first game, there’s a faint attraction as there often is between the protagonist and femme fatale in noir film, but it’s in the second game when they truly come together. Max, believing Mona to have been shot to death in Nicole Horne’s building in the first game, is surprised to find her alive later on.

Danger, a common enemy, and pure animal magnetism push the two together, but it seems that Max is destined to lose those he cares for. His wife & child were murdered by junkies in the first game and Mona dies in his arms in the second. Unless you beat the game on the hardest difficulty, in which case Mona survives her gunshot wounds.

Considering the fact that Max seems to have gone past rock bottom in Max Payne 3, I think it’s safe to assume that the makers are considering the original ending of Max Payne 2 as canon and that Mona Sax is, in fact, dead. It seems that Max was made to suffer–it’s his lot in life.

— — — — — — — — — —

5. Locke Cole & Celes Chere – Final Fantasy VI


Fan favorites everywhere, Locke and Celes make it into our top five.

While their relationship never had time to blossom, there was a definite and tangible attraction between Locke & Celes.  Before the World of Ruin and indeed before ever meeting Terra in Narshe, Locke once knew a girl named Rachel.  Locke had spent his entire life blaming himself for her death until he was given the task to rescue a General of the Empire from captivity.  That General turned out to be Celes.

Bearing a strong resemblance to Rachel, Locke was immediately attracted to her and their adventures together would only bring them closer. Players who delved deeper into the sidequests would see Locke find closure concerning Rachel’s death, which gave him the ability to be with Celes (and the Phoenix Magicite).

Terra Branford played the third in their love triangle early on in the game, but her affections soon fell on General Leo in a mixture of love and admiration.  To FFVI fans, it’ll always be Locke & Celes.

— — — — — — — — — —

4. The Prince & Farah – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

In action games, truly touching couples are hard to come by. The Prince and Farah won our hearts.

One of the highlights of a game that approached perfection was the chemistry between The Prince & Farah. Though they resented each other at first, being two of the only three humans left in the kingdom forced them to make nice.

The Prince was arrogant, pompous, and immature, but it only took a woman’s touch to improve his character by leaps and bounds. As they ventured through what was left of the kingdom, their relationship grew, culminating in a tender moment when they both thought death was imminent.

To many, a good relationship is one that makes you a better person. If that’s the case, then this couple is deserving of being this high on the list. It was their relationship that made the Prince realize that his selfish ambitions were his downfall. And while the ending isn’t a exactly a happy one with the Prince and Farah locked in an embrace, it was the perfect way to finish the game.

(Forgive the vagueness of that segment but I honestly don’t want to spoil anything. The game shouldn’t take you more than 8 hours to beat and it’s available cheap almost everywhere on all last-gen systems. If you haven’t played it, do so.)

— — — — — — — — — —

3. Ico & Yorda – Ico

Yea you. You got that something. I think you'll understand. When I feel that something...

Maybe it’s the fanboy love for Team Ico and my firm belief that Fumito Ueda can do no wrong, but the relationship of Ico & Yorda, no matter how superficial it might have seemed, was genuinely touching.

A relationship of few words, the bond between the two protagonists was little more than a holding of hands. Forced together by the dangers around them, players felt responsible for the wellbeing of Yorda. By the end of the game, the two had ceased to be individual characters and were instead one.

Care to challenge the excellence of the game? Need further proof of the strength of their relationship? Their relationship was so good that most probably didn’t even notice that it was one gigantic escort mission. Now that’s good.

— — — — — — — — — —

2. Guybrush Threepwood & Elaine Marley – Monkey Island Series

He makes her laugh. She scrambles his brain. Yup! It's a relationship!

When one of the greatest and most well written characters in video games finds a better half, you know that it’ll be a couple of note. The two first met on Mêlée Island when young Guybrush was only just embarking on his quest to become a mighty pirate. Elaine was the Governor of the entire Tri-Island Area and it wasn’t long before Guybrush and the ghost pirate LeChuck were locked in a battle for her affection.

This back & forth between Guybrush & LeChuck continues even today in the recent Tales of Monkey Island, but Guybrush would emerge the victor by the end of the first game and their love sets sail.

In the second game, their relationship has struck a reef as Guybrush searches for the fabled treasure of Big Whoop. Elaine spends most of the game in her mansion on Booty Island but she eventually has to rescue Guybrush as a result of his foolishness.

Part 3 of the Pirate Saga sees the two finally getting married and Part 4 has Elaine giving up her gubernatorial duties to spend the rest of her life as Guybrush’s pirate queen. I won’t reveal anything about them in the newer games seeing as they only just came out.

Their relationship is defined by the writing, much like the entire games which they occupy. With witty one-liners interspersed with lovey-dovey cooing, the dynamic between the two is a delight. Elaine is undoubtedly the dominant force in the relationship, but she’s kind enough to let Guybrush be the man when he needs to be. Most of the time, however, Elaine turns him into even more of a bumbling idiot than usual. But there’s something about his clumsy charm that intrigues her and indeed all players of the series.

So I’d like to raise my mug of grog to the second greatest couple in all of video games.

— — — — — — — — — —

1. Pacman & Ms. Pacman – Pacman Series

There's no denying it. They're the original power couple.

A lot of people overlook the Pacmans when, combined with Pacman Jr, they’re the de facto First Family of video games. They met early on in their respective careers, with Ms. Pacman being released a in 1981, a year after the original. And they’ve been together ever since.

Their successful relationship they had brought about a Hanna Barbera cartoon — the first video game-based television show — that ran from 1982 to 1984 which featured their entire pac-family including their pac-dog and pac-cat as they struggled back and forth with the ghosts.

The series sported dozens of ports and newer titles branched out from the classic arcade gameplay. And while the newer games will never have the lasting appeal of the originals, the characters remain the same.

And thus our Valentine’s Day list comes to a close. If you don’t have anyone special with whom to enjoy this day, you can always be a third wheel to one of these 14 best couples in video games.

(Note: Only one couple per franchise.)

63 thoughts on “Top 14 Video Game Couples”

  1. I like these lists. I can’t wait to see where Ico and Yorda or Wander and the Nameless girl show up. Tidus and Yuna should be pretty high, and of course, Zelda and Link.

    1. Same here. And don’t forget Gordon and Alyx. Chances are they’ll be pretty high (or maybe I should say low???) on the list.

  2. I’m just hoping the Prince and Elika show up, I liked them more than the Prince and Farah… though I’m happy as long as either of them make it onto the list! I also expect Max Payne and Mona Sax to be there somewhere down the road :)

      1. It seems that way, though I don’t know exactly why. Sure, the game took a pretty big step away from the ‘The Sands of Time’ Trilogy, but as a platform game, it was absolutely phenomenal :) And also, because Elika was besides you throughout the entire game, it was never really like you were just rushing around to get stuff over with :)

        Also, the ending left me in a state of ‘Oh my god! What the hell am I gonna do now?!? FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!’… the only other game to ever do that was Bioshock :)

        1. I think it the game didn’t require much precision to play, which makes it sort of an outcast in its own genre. While the game did feel like it played itself most of the time, it was fun.

          As for the new Prince and Elika… I thought they were really shallow (almost hollow) characters. I prefer the sands of time couple much better.

  3. I felt that the new Prince of Persia was on auto-pilot. It seemed that no matter what I did, I’d always make it to the end without dying once. I felt so disconnected from what was on screen that it wasn’t fun or gratifying when I performed some insanely acrobatic platforming.

    And anyone who has spent any time with me IRL or on Forums probably knows my opinion on the characters in the new PoP.

  4. There’re a lot of good picks, some not so obvious…

    I’m rooting for Edge and Rydia personally. And Zack/Aeris over Cloud/Aeris. I’d also think Rachel/Locke would be a good choice, and Kerrigan/Raynor. Turalyon/Alleria is another good one that is a little obscure but still awesome.

    1. Since we are on the subject of Final Fantasy Relationships: Tidus and Yuna, Squall and Rinoa, Vaan and Peleno, Balthier and Fran. Well the first two are good choices, the ones From XII were just there cause I could.

      Drake and Elena from Uncharted need to be there. Kerrigan and Raynor was kinda one sided, which leads Raynor to take up drinking, and blowing the living shit out of everything.

      1. Kerrigan and Raynor wasn’t one-sided… the two of them really hit it off near the end which was why Raynor was so betrayed when Mengsk abandoned Kerrigan… and Kerrigan’s feelings were strong enough that he was one of two people she reached out to while she was being infested AND afterwards she chose to spare his life when she was still newly integrated. It was only after she’d been a Zerg for a while and had lost her humanity that she stopped caring about him.

        But on the subject of FF relationships… I agree those two are good… but I think Zack/Aeris and Edge/Rydia would be better picks to represent the series…

      2. I don’t feel that Vaan and Penelo were a couple at all. Their relationship was a brother and sister relationship. Granted, they weren’t brother and sister by blood. They were brought together by lost parents in war and they stuck with each other to survive on the streets of Rabanastre.

  5. I lol’d at Conker and Berri. Didn’t see that coming. I remember being totally taken aback by that game in general. I only remember Conker from Diddy Kong Racing where he’s the epitome of cute and innocent. Then I played Conker’s Bad Fur Day and my instant reaction was “what the hell??? What’d they do to him???”. In the end I liked the change, he was annoyingly innocent.

    I wanna see Soldier and Demoman. Now that’s a cute couple.

    1. I dunno, I can definitely agree with their reasoning… but I hated Trish. Nothing made me happier than the ‘moment of truth’ when you were, so to speak, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

      1. Well, I liked it cause it was compelling, none of this other stuff about; oh I like you, I like you too, on a spur of the moment thing, all hell is breaking loose and when that happens you need someone to hold on to. I guess I like it cause I got done reading two books for class that are set in distopias and having someone that cares for you is the most important thing in the world, plus is makes for one hell of an ending when you find out the truth.

        1. I have to admit, the ending was pretty awesome… but I still felt good for Cole to not have to put up with her anymore. It made the rest of the game that much more enjoyable to not hear her bitching any further… even if you did ALL the good stuff… she still bitched at you constantly. You couldn’t win and she was annoying.

    1. It’s been ages since I’ve played it. I really hope it comes out on PSN/XBLA/Steam or something.

        1. The writing is certainly good enough to warrant it. In fact, if they ever released a nice high quality version with some of the gameplay edited out, I’d probably watch it.

        2. My problem with replaying Grim Fandango, is that i played a spanish dubbed copy back in the days. Manny’s voice in my head is in spanish and Grim Fandango had some great dubbing and very fitting too, with the whole mexican setting. So playing again in english would feel weird. So i’m pretty much screwed…

      1. I wouldn’t want a remake, but rather, a site like GOG.com to get the rights to Grim Fandango. I want to see it with the style intact (and what a style it is).

    1. You know, I have ALWAYS wanted to be better at that game. I guess I wasn’t patient enough with it because it looks BEAUTIFUL and I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about it…. ever!

      1. Oh… something bad… the combat is kinda weak, the framerate is really choppy, and leveling system, while very unique, is really lacking (aka growing food and keeping ingredients for the restaurants).

  6. I loved Max and Mona in Max Payne 2… it was one of those couples that you really wanted all the best for, but deep down you knew there was no way the story could end happily…

  7. To be fair, I haven’t noticed THAT much of a change in them as a direct result of the merger… but ya. I know what you mean.

    It looks like they still have it though, all counts have the relationships in FF13 as being just as deep.

    I can’t wait… I’ve got two days off work following its release and I will be hammering through it in that time.

  8. There actually wasn’t much of a change. All of the main devs still kept their jobs and the FF and Dragon Quest franchises are still handled by the former ‘Square’ and ‘Enix’ sections of the company.

    1. Except in the music :(

      Nobuo left right around that time… which was a sad blow for the ff series…’

      not that it stopped having good music… but nobuo is a legend.

      1. True. Well the new composers have managed to keep the music pretty good and elements of Uematsu’s compositions still pop up now and then. But there’s a reason I spend money importing Uematsu soundtracks and not the later ones.

        1. Aye, exactly.

          Although, I have to say… to this day my favourite theme from any game has been 1000 words… which wasn’t Nobuo’s work. But overall, he’s done just about everything else that has been in my top 10.

  9. Ico and Yorda… all you have to see is the two sitting on a bench together.

    Too bad the NA version of the game excludes the second play through bonuses (the translation of Yorda!!!). I had to get the NA version and the PAL version and borrow my buddies PAL PS2 to be able to see this very important information.

  10. If this was April 1st I’d suspect an April Fool’s joke on that #1…

    I’m a little disappointed that Square only had 1 on the list, and with Celes/Locke being about my third or fourth on the list for most memorable square couple that surprises me as the only choice if one must be all that is picked…

    But most of the choices chosen I can certainly see the merit of.

  11. I’m not sure about the #1 spot… it seems like a joke. While the series is great, I’m not sure if the couple are deserving of the top of the list.

    No Zelda & Link, No Wander & Girl, No Yuna and Tidus… these would all be great for the list. They all show how far someone would go to save the person they love (and in the case of Wander, he would damn the entire world without realizing it).

    1. On a personal note: Zelda and Link? I don’t think they ever got together. Wander and Girl? Wander and Agro had the better relationship. Yuna and Tidus? I feel they’re the the most annoying couple of all time (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BU8-e-C4Uy0).

      I think the #1 spot is perfect. They’re the first original couple of video games, and let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for Pacman and Ms. Pacman, video games as a whole wouldn’t be the same.

      I mean, seriously! Pacman even started the video game music scene! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pac-Man_Fever_%28album%29

      Pacman and Ms. Pacman are huge. I think that modern day video games have unfortunately forgotten their roots.

      1. I can’t watch youtube from work… but is that the video of the two of them laughing? If so.. .thats a bit of an exception… buti t truly is one of the most annoying moments in video game history…

        I think that Zack and Aerith would’ve been a good fit for the top 5… Aerith’s love was so deep that she even fell in love with the person who was ‘living Zack’s life'(thanks to half-memories and mako overdose creating a sort of weird mix)… and then after death they were reunited and got to spend their ‘afterlives’ together. Aerith sent Zack letters for 5 years without a reply… thats devotion.

        Tidus and Yuna were another good example of the strength of a bond of love… but I’d say Zack/Aerith or Rinoa/Squall would be better for a high ranking spot… possibly not #1 but I’m very disappointed they didn’t make the list at all. Especially when our ‘token spot’ was mario and peach lol

      2. Shamefully, I must admit that I never managed to finish FF X (damn you , Yunalesca!), but do think it is one of my personal favorite stories ever. Still, I can live with FF VI on the list. And yes, the ‘laughing scene’ was probably the weirdest thing EVER… I don’t think anybody in the entire world ever thought that was not incredibly cringe-worthy.

        1. Dang poor guy… the end movie of that game was one of the most emotional moments in gaming to date. I cry every time I watch it(and I occasionally go back and redo the end boss to watch it again)…

        2. It already broke my heart when they finally figured out about what Tidus really is and what this means for them. Still, I really want to finish it some day… just don’t have the time to do a full playthrough to make sure I’m ready to face with Yunalesca again, as I’m at a point where I can’t return to level my characters.

          All Final Fantasy games are played in the same way for me… play, get stuck, start again, play better this time, make better choices, waste less levelling points, miss less unique loot etc., beat the boss I got stuck on (which always turns out to be easy… if you just prepare right), play on, get stuck again… rinse & repeat. Final Fantasy VIII was the worst in that regard, so many GFs you could miss out on that on my first play, I managed to get to Cerberus with only the first three GFs. I only got stuck once or twice before Yunalesca in FF X.

  12. Anyone who has seen/read any of my other Top 10’s would know that I always abide by the ‘1 per franchise’ rule. And anyone who knows me better should’ve guessed that, where Final Fantasy is concerned, I’m a VI man.

    I didn’t put Zack/Aerith because I found Aerith to be a vapid damsel in distress with little substance.

    I didn’t put Squall/Rinoa because Squall was a misanthropic turd who, despite being surrounded by people who did nothing but love and care for him, felt the need to wallow in misery.

    And no Tidus/Yuna because they were beaten out by Locke/Celes.

    No Link/Zelda because their relationship is meaningless and we couldn’t decide WHICH Link/Zelda, if any, were worthy. (None were.)

    No Wander/Girl because the girl is comatose for the entire game. The relationship between Wander & Agro is the main one of SotC.

    1. The one per franchise rule is kinda bogus when it comes to FF (I can’t believe I just used the word “bogus”!!!). FF’s tend to be extremely different from any of the past games, especially from FFV and on. When people say anything about the FF franchise, I tend to disagree, since I see them more as individual IPs rather than a ‘series’. I completely respect your decision of which couple is rated highest in the series, but a nod to the others

      I completely agree that Zelda/Link are kinda hard to put on a list like this (and you would have to go with the couple from Zelda 2, which is where Link finally rescues her), but hey, you added Mario and Peach (not to mention the #1 was Mr. and Mrs. Pacman… still sort of bewilders me).

      And as to the Pacman/Ms Pacman case, I understand that the games are masterpieces and are essential to any top games list… but this is a top gaming couples that generally relates to ‘love’. Really, there is no love with the couple in the games, no more than the two pong paddles.

      And I definitly think Wander and the girl are very acceptable… She must have been some sort of special to make a guy travel to the ends of the earth, kill magestic, and potentially cause appending doom to the world.

      Elliot, your list is great, I am just a little shocked at the last choice. Other than that, incredible list… much better than I would come up with. Happy Valentines Day!

      1. Wow, I think I have ADD, because I forgot to finish a few of those sentences. lol

        I think I’m going to go to

      2. I agree… the pacmans really don’t have any relationship… they’ve always been together but are never SEEN together… and they have no real story…

    2. I have to say that seems a little wrong. We were judging the couple, not the c haracter. Squall was a bit of an annoying character, but the relationship between him and Rinoa was memorable and incredible – and drove the entire story, whereas the relationship between Locke and Celes got very little attention… except in a few small parts and only really had an impact on the part where you initially rescue Celes and her failed attempt to commit suicide…

      But your interpretation of Aerith couldn’t be more opposite from what I got… between Crisis Core and FF7 itself I have to say there are few female leads that I feel more of a connection to than Aerith… her character was vibrant, had a deep history, and she was hardly a ‘damsel in distress’ except in the opening sequence of sector 5. And her death taught gamers accross the world to cry… but again this is about the relationship, not the character.

      1. I don’t consider it to be a good relationship when one person is completely closed off for no reason.

        I didn’t bat an eyelash when Aerith died. I found all of the characters in FFVII to be two dimensional and boring. To me, VII just barely makes it into my Top 10 Final Fantasy games.

        It’s still a good game, but I consider it to be one of the most overrated.

        1. You are quite literally the first ff fan I’ve ever met who loved 6 but didn’t also love 7.

          I’ve met a lot of ff8 and 10 fans who didn’t like 7, but they also didn’t like 6.

          I’m shocked.

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