03 Mar

In the same SEC filing that revealed that Activision was in a conflict with two senior Infinity Ward employees over charges of insubordination, Activision-Blizzard also stated that Blizzard is currently working on multiple sequels in the Diablo franchise.

“Blizzard is currently developing new games, including a new expansion pack to the World of Warcraft franchise , Cataclysm , StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, which will be released with the new and improved Battle.net, and sequels to the Diablo franchise.”

Little more information is available at this time. Blizzard has stated in the past that it is aiming to release games in their core-franchises, including Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo, on a more regular basis. The highly anticipated Starcraft 2 has been split into three separate instalments, of which the first instalment is slated for a release later this year. It is unclear if Diablo III will suffer a similar fate.

6 thoughts on “Blizzard Working on Multiple Diablo Sequels”

  1. I don’t know if this means Diablo III will be split up… but if it is, I sincerely doubt that this is a decision that was made by Blizzard. Activision appears to be doing everything in it’s power to grab as much money as possible. As a business student, I can not blame them in any way, and I’ll gladly continue to pay for games as long as they are worthy of my hard earned money… I’m just afraid this will eventually lead to a money farm that fails to do anything with the vast legions of creative talent that AB employs.

    1. I’d wager on a Starcraft MMO. Warcraft III was followed by WoW. I’d think something similar with Starcraft II coming out.

      As for this announcement. I’m not the least bit surprised so it’s hard to be too upset given the business model changes at Blizzard after the merger.

      1. … though the same could be said of Diablo III coming out :P. I just think the StarCraft universe lends to a greater universe. Also, the Diablo series is already online based and plays like a heavily instanced MMO. I don’t see much logic in making competition to Diablo III with a Diablo “MMO,” when a StarCraft MMO isn’t a threat to StarCraft II (given that game is an RTS).

        Wish I could have edited that in lol.

  2. I think it’s cool that they’re working on multiple sequels. Sure, it’s more money, but it’s also more content, in a series that has millions of fans.

    What’s even more interesting is Blizzard is handing out Diablo 3 beta keys.
    They said they are doing it as a preventative measure against the rampant invite selling and scamming happening with the Starcraft 2 beta.

    I just signed up without entering any personal information or paying any kind of money.

    For those who want to try it out, the URL is here, I’ve shortened it: http://bit.ly/diablo3keys

    Hope you guys can join me and get some keys.

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