24 Mar

Those who have yet to venture into the zombie-infested streets of New Orleans with Left 4 Dead 2 may wish to check out one of Steam’s latest offers. Until Thursday the 25th of March 4 PM PDT, users  will be able to purchase the four-player zombie shooter for $25. The “Left 4 Dead 2 Four Pack”, which includes four copies of the game for the price of only 3 regular copies, is also available at the reduced price. The offer can be found here.

The Elder-Geek.com video review of Left 4 Dead 2 can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead 2 Half-Priced on Steam”

    1. That’s a bit harsh, I was brutally honest in my video review but I didn’t go that far, it’s a great game, but if you played the first it’s not worth the full price upgrade, now that it’s on half price however…

        1. Well yeah and so are you, but isn’t shovelware something that’s basically just barely been worked on and clearly has no redeeming qualities?

          And if that’s how you feel then that’s okay and everything, but I’d be interested in hearing why. It’s one to say that you didn’t like it, but to call something shovelware is basically like saying that no one in their right mind could possibly like it.

        2. I have to agree with Mats on this one… It isn’t shovelware, its a cash in (along with NSMB Wii).

        3. which is how, as I have said before, I feel about EVERYTHING Valve has done, with the possible exception of Portal. I don’t wanna have this argument in public again, it just turns into a flame war… this site allows PMs right? Feel free to send me one if you’re interested in the reasons behind my opinions 😉

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