17 Mar

Shinji Mikami, the former Capcom game designer responsible for creating the Devil May Cry, Dino Crisis and the Resident Evil series, has recently found a new studio known as Tango. He stated that one of his main reasons for founding this new studio has been to allow new creative talent to grow, as he believes the current (Japanese) game industry is generally driven purely from a business perspective. This has made it difficult for young talent to develop itself.

Tango currently has 13 confirmed employees, including Grasshopper Manufacture sound director Masashi Takada, Final Fantasy XI art director Ryosuke Aiba and Okamis Naoki Katakai.

Specific projects have not yet been announced to be in development at Tango, but Mikami stated that the first game to be released is at least 3 years away. Mikami also expressed his wish to be the first developer of a true 3D horror game, “where you’d use glasses like in the Avatar film.”