28 Mar

In the largest contract paid for a recording artist – living or dead – in history, Sony has gotten access to the entirety of Michael Jackson’s estate for the low cost of $200 million. The access to the ex-pop star’s likeness, music, and video games could mean that the King of Pop could make his posthumous way into a new virtual license. The singer previously appeared in the cult classic movie tie-in title Moonwalker, and a rumored video game project was already underway at the time of Michael Jackson’s death back in June of 2009. In addition to a possible video game, Sony is expected to re-release the singer’s albums and a DVD/Blu-Ray compilation of his music videos.

What could a new Michael Jackson game be like, E-Gs? Would it sell? Pitch us your King of Pop game ideas below!

2 thoughts on “Sony to Release New Michael Jackson Game?”

  1. I think that the most obvious game would be a Space Channel 5 for the PS3 that features MJ in a more prominent role than he was in the original. Rhythm games are obviously the best fit.

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