09 Mar

Unofficial Concept Photo: Sony product may not reach pictured level of cool

Looks like years of fan rumors and wishes are soon to be granted, as Sony is getting into the smartphone industry with their sights set straight at iPhone competition. A report filed by the Wall Street Journal claims that the Japanese electronic company is working on a sophisticated line of phones capable of downloading and playing videogames. In addition to being the likely next step in Sony’s handheld console line, the phones will compete directly with other multi-function devices, meaning video playback and wireless access to various applications are likely feature possibilities.

The smartphone line is expected to launch this year, in Japan at least. The projected release schedule fits in line with the Western launch of Sony Online Service, an iTunes-esque download hub for video and audio content, as well as PSX releases similar to what has been released on the Playstation Network.

2 thoughts on “Sony/PSP Smartphone Coming Soon”

  1. It doesn’t mean anything without a service provider… I think I’ll stick with Android phones.

  2. If it has tactile buttons that it will be good, if it is just an iPhone competitor, than I am not impressed. If it was a Go, but with a phone component and had a second nub, then I would heavily consider it, but only time will tell.

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