16 Apr

According to a recent survey by No Fuss Reviews, it turns out that 42% of Xbox 360s have Resulted in a red ring of death. If true, the number of failed consoles is much higher than most people believed this time last year. The poll was not focused exclusively on the Xbox 360, as it included the PlayStation 3 and the Nintendo Wii in the survey.

Here’s what they had to say.

Our initial survey conducted in 2009 used a sample size of 1,000 participants. After this survey was concluded we began collecting results for our 2010 survey. As before we randomly presented a survey to visitors coming from a search engine after searching for a console specific game. After 500,000 surveys were completed for each of the three major console platforms the results were compiled as below. We used email addresses and session limiters to try and eliminate duplicate submissions. Questions were presented based on previous answers and “[console]” would have been the full name for the console. Results have been rounded to the nearest whole figure, answers are positive percentiles (yes).

So far no manufacturers have commented on the results.

7 thoughts on “42% of Xbox 360s Fail”

  1. I’m pretty sure failure rates are calculated for the first year only. After that, all technology is expected to fail in some way or another. This is why MS always says the failure rate is around 16%

  2. That is pretty high. That sucks. My Wii, and PS3 have not failed on me yet (I hope they don’t, I don’t want to ship out my PS3, and I don’t want to have to drive out to Nintendo for a console repair [did that once in my life already; GB pocket]).

  3. Always be wary of statistics, especially in such a direct survey sampling as this. There are a lot of factors that aren’t discussed in the presented results, including the type of errors that the system underwent. True, the larger sample size allows for greater variability, but one should always take numbered poll results as a grain of salt.

  4. My 360 has failed 3 times. While it is obviously no excuse for faulty hardware, I’d say my 360 gets used in a pretty hardcore manner. I use it quite often (though not nearly as much as I used to) and my father also used it daily. It would run at least 3 – 4 hours per day at the bare minimum.

    They got me a refurbished one after my third defect, which also had 1 additional year of warranty. Works like a charm. I sincerly doubt people ACTUALLY had defects more than 5 times. I don’t wish to be in denial, but I think those people are ‘haters’.

  5. I know one person who had to get it repaired, hooked it up, used it for a week, and hadi t red ring again.

    And I know the person – he’s VERY good with his equipment. He always takes very good care of everything. You never see things go more than 2 days without being dusted for example – he’s borderline ocd about cleanliness.

    So I can believe the 5+ times. Its not based off of use, just whenever the xbox 360 decides it doesn’t wanna work anymore.

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