12 Apr

His tan is serious

While digital distribution has managed to become a successful share in the overall video game market, many financial analysts and industry professionals expect there is still some time left before boxed retail distribution becomes obsolete, if ever. Codemasters CEO, Rod Cousens, does not share these views, speaking on the company’s future in a recent interview with MCV.

“A traditional games publisher with a distribution infrastructure is no longer the model. It is the model of the dinosaurs,” said Cousens, “We have positioned ourselves well for the future. We’ve focused on franchises that are proven. We have an online infrastructure that companies far bigger than ours haven’t got – which has been extremely beneficial in terms of our alignments with Reliance. And we are now addressing emerging markets. I think all of those aspects are points that other companies have yet to address.”

“This deal secures the long-term future of Codemasters,” added Cousens.“Staff at Codemasters can walk around with their heads held high, and no-longer consider themselves this small unknown. Those that have sat in the fast lane to date, move over.”

What’s the E-G opinion? Do you agree with Cousens assertion, or do brick and mortar stores still have a place in video game retail? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Codemasters CEO: Box Retail is the Way of the Dinosaurs”

  1. I think there will always be a place for at least hard copies. But for PC games I can certainly see retail stores becoming harder and harder to find since online ordering and digital distribution are becoming more popular.

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