13 Apr

Despite the game being revealed on Xbox Live last weekend as the result of a mix-up, Cliff Bleszinski has officially revealed the third and (supposedly) final installment in the Gears of War-series. The trailer, which was shown on the Jimmy Fallon show, is titled ‘Ashes to Ashes’ and a shows the members of Delta Squad with the a new female member combating both Locust as well as the Lambent.

On the Epic Games dicussion boards, it has been confirmed that this new female soldier is Anya Stroud. In the first two installments in the series, she occupied the role of communications specialist rather than a front-line combatant. Her transition from ‘pencil pusher to soldier’ will be detailed in the upcoming Gears of War novels. Further additions revealed in the trailer include a new double-barrelled shotgun that will be added to the game alongside the already existing shotgun found in the games. It has also been confirmed that an older version of the chainsaw-packing Lancer will be included in the game, which will not be equipped with this type of hardware. The weapon does include a non-motorized bayonet, however.The story of the game will be set 18 months after the events of Gears of War 2.

Gears of War 3 will include 4-player cooperative play, with all of the ‘standard’ members of Delta Squad (Marcus, Dom, Baird and Cole) being available. Other characters, such as Anya Stroud, will only be playable as a multiplayer character. The game is set for a release in April 2011.

The trailer can be found after the jump.