16 Apr

With Project Natal on the way and Playstation Move not far behind, the world of motion control is looking to be another frontier in the world of game development. Guy Bendov, Tal Raviv and Assaf Sela recently announced the founding of a new studio intent solely on motion control projects, dubbed Side-kick studios. Sela is a veteran of the technology that would later become Microsoft’s Natal, while Bendov, the company’s CEO, was a co-founder of Double Fusion, an in-game advertising firm; Raviv a former technical director at Eidos.

“With multiple new motion control systems coming to market this year, we saw this as the perfect time to announce Side-kick, and to leverage our deep experience with camera based motion control technology such as Microsoft’s Project Natal,” said Bendov, “We already have multiple fully funded games in development which will be ready for projected launch dates in late 2010 and Q1 of 2011, as well as the ability to help other studios that want to implement more sophisticated motion control into their titles.”