12 Apr

Silicon Knights, developer of the popular Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem and the not-so-popular Too Human, has just received a major check from their native Canadian government. The $4 million Canadian dollars ($3.78 USD) was paid in order to help fund the developer’s new, unrevealed, project, which is set for a two to five year development cycle. Immediately, the money will help Silicon Knights add 65 new employees to their 100 current staffers.

“This is going to benefit Silicon Knights in ways that are profound and long-lasting,” said Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack to local Canadian paper, The Welland Tribune. “We are blown away and we’re happy with the support we’re getting. It is something that couldn’t have come at a better time.”

What could this new game be? A sequel to an existing Silicon Knights franchise? A new IP? Give us your predictions below, E-Gs!

3 thoughts on “Silicon Knights Claim Serious Government Funding”

  1. I’m hoping for another Eternal Darkness, perhaps one using the Wii Pulse or whatever it’s called. Though I’m not sure I’d rather have that then HD graphics.

    Silicon Knights has allways been a great developer in my eyes, they have really great ideas, just not allways the time and money to realize them or polish them. Hopefully this check will help solve that problem.

  2. Maybe a BETTER Too Human. The concept of the game wasn’t bad, it just really didn’t understand how they could make THAT in such an incredibly long time. The game has some weird touch to it that made it interesting to keep playing it a little longer than the quality would otherwise have justified, but the concept and style of the game definitely had potential. I think Too Human was also the only game where I DIDN’T understand the controls. It’s not that I couldn’t handle them, I just really was that I couldn’t get my head around it.

  3. Anything is good, the more money in Canadian development hands the better. Really glad to see it being promoted by our government.

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