27 Apr

The Supreme Court of the United States has recently announced its decision to look over points of view on video game regulation. Many states have come forth to lesser courts with the proposal to regulate the purchase of certain video games beyond a rating point. Cases in favor of this policy have been shot down in 12 courts across the country, but senators and governors (most notably Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) across the nation still tout its values.

This is one of the big ones, E-Gs? Do we regulate as prescribed by some politicians, or adopt similar “personal responsibility” policies like other Entertainment media? Give us your thoughts below!

One thought on “Supreme Court to Vote on Video Games”

  1. Sell the game to the people who are of age, the box tells you who you can sell it to, so follow the boxes direction. If the parent buys the game for the kid, that is their fault for the kid turning out wrong (parental responsibility needs to be taken more seriously). Also, if a parent is buying a game for their child, then the person selling the game should warn the parent about the content in the game, that way the parent absolutely knows what is in the game.

    As long as the Government isn’t regulating my games I am fine with that. Cause if the government does regulate my games, then they are breaking the first amendment.

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