09 Apr

Through all of the myriad of demographics the game industry plays to, the Religious market seems to be pretty fringe, but that could all change soon. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer and significant share owner of the video game market, appears to be looking into testing the demographic in limited sales releases in selected regions. Discovered via SEC post by Stock Market Quarterlies, Christian game developer Left Behind Studios claims to soon “be featured in a limited number of Walmart stores covering a broad area of states. This new market test is a follow-up to the marketing trial conducted in approximately 100 Walmart stores in Texas during the 2009 Christmas sales season.” Given the expected merger the company is narrowing in on with fellow Christian developer Digital Praise, the resulting company could be facing a key-holding position in a new, wider market.

“[These regional trial sales are] allowing us to further test our sales model regionally will provide us with ongoing market insight and a chance to enhance sales. Our Walmart strategy continues to be validated as we focus on placement, promotions and sales for the 2010 holiday gift giving season, when a majority of games are sold,” Troy Lyndon, CEO of Left Behind Games, was quoted as saying.

One thought on “Walmart Converts to Christian Games Market”

  1. I’m not to surprised that Walmart is giving religious games a shot. Given that probably around 80% of americans are religious. But I think they overestimate the religious gamer, cause I’m pretty sure they value quality over petty valudation. And if there is one thing religious games have never been it’s good.

    Meanwhile sligthly more anti religious games like Assasins Creed are selling in the millions and almost universal praise.

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