13 May

After a minor back and forth with FedEx, we finally got our copy of Dementium II for the Nintendo DS. It came with an adult-sized diaper with a note pinned to it that reads: “Seriously. Just trust me.”

While we may be old, we aren’t old enough for adult diapers. But if SouthPeak is saying that Dementium II is scary enough that we may both wet and / or soil our undergarments, then… awesome. Bring it on!

Jesse will be reviewing this one. We’ll have the review up as soon as possible. No telling whether or not he’ll be sporting the new undergarments.

11 thoughts on “Our Dementium II Press Packet Came with a “Present””

  1. lol, Renegade Kid’s FPS are great, I just hope Dementium 2 is better than the first one.

  2. Wow, if they’re going that far to say it’s scary I’m looking forward to playing through it!

    1. EA has done some crazy marketing, but I don’t think they went this far though. Still, it is awesome, cause they are physically implying that their game is scary like no other game on the market.

  3. If you rate this game as Worth Buying, I demand you take a picture of yourself wearing the aforementioned diaper!

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