28 May

According to a report by Latinoreview.com, Simon Crane has abandoned the upcoming Kane & Lynch movie-adaptation, leaving the project without a director only two months before the film is slated to enter production. Simon Crane, former stunt director for “GoldenEye”, “Titanic” and “The World is Not Enough”, was originally attached to direct the movie based on the third-person shooter by IO Interactive.

The film is currently set for a release in 2011, with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx are attached as the eponymous Kane & Lynch, respectively. According to the same report, the studio is currently in talks with Wayne Kramer, after director F. Gary Gray (“The Italian Job”, “A Man Apart”) passed up earlier this week. Wayne Kramer is known for directing “Crossing Over” and “Running Scared.”

2 thoughts on “Director Walks Away From Kane & Lynch Movie”

  1. Aww, that sucks. I’m not sure how this will affect the movie, but I was genuinely interested in it. I think Kane & Lynch could make for a good movie (assuming they center more around the characters and not the mindless shooting things).

  2. I too am interested. People are writing this off since Kane and Lynch was not the best game (it had way too many bugs), but the characters are really compelling, which seems like it could transfer to the big screen with ease.

    Now without a director, I wonder if the movie will just be cancelled.

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