25 May

Disney is toying with the idea of charging $129.99 for the collector’s edition of TRON: Prophecy for the PS3 and 360.The game package itself will double as a collector’s case for bookshelves and mantles.

While the packaging idea may be cool, the TRON bike included looks downright lame based on the images given. However, should the bike be manufactured, it would be done by Disney licensee Sideshow Collectibles, who are known for their collectible figures and high quality.  The image should not be perceived as representative of a final product.

More to come as we learn more details.

3 thoughts on “Disney Considering $130 Price for TRON Video Game”

  1. Well I would like to know what goes into the game before I even consider getting the game. Yeah that bike is ugly, looks like a cheap plastic toy from 5 years ago (not when the original came out, cause toys back then were quality).

    The bike really needs to have distinctions between the Rider and the Bike, or else this will be a lame CE. Also, it needs to have an Art Book and some other stuff, like the Soundtrack to the Movie (all done by Daft Punk), then I may consider it, but gameplay and its contents are really a selling point. The movie looks good and I can’t wait to see it (I was considering on making a Tron Suit, not sure if I want it blue or red).

  2. Can’t wait to see the movie either! Still, I really hope it isn’t a game based on the movie… then it’d probably suck. The tie-in they had going a couple of years when they re-released the original Tron was all kinds of awesome though.

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