07 May

Retail chain Game Crazy looks to be filing for Chapter 11, and shutting its doors permanently for it. The last significant national competitor to GameStop, a confirmed-legitimate Craigslist post confirmed the close-down, and will be liquidating its remaining stock in the coming weeks. We here at Elder-Geek are saddened by another store’s passing, but will definitely be scouting the area for any remaining Game Crazy stores to take advantage of these expected bargains.

2 thoughts on “Game Crazy Shuts Down”

  1. I know of a couple in my area. It saddens me that they have to close down in the US because of them having to be tied into Hollywood Video or Movie Gallery. If they operated separately like they do in Canada, then they would still be open like the 184 stores in Canada.

    It sucks that I had to change my pre-orders, but I am pre-ordering Red Dead Redemption from them, my last pre-order from them. I liked them way better than Game Stop, they just had that old time game store feel where everything was awesome, and not feeling like you are in a corporate office all the time. Well, I will check out the sales with a sad heart which goes out to the approximately 19,000 people going to be left unemployed because of this.

    I will now have to resort to picking up my games online or by going to a couple of Local stores that are awesome, cause they still sell older games that are new and used.

  2. That sucks… I liked Game Crazy. They wouldn’t push you towards a purchase, and they sold some rare-ish games for real cheap. I picked up Okami, God Hand, and Odin Sphere there for under $15.

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