07 May

Bungie announced earlier today that the Invasion mode for the Halo: Reach beta has gone live today. This mode will feature two teams fighting in a multi-stage map that will unlock as one team fulfills objectives. Overall, the objective of the game is for the Covenant Elites to push the defenders back and eventually retrieve an object and return it to their own base. The second team plays as UNSC Spartans and has the sole objective of stalling the Elites long enough for the timer to run out.

The beta went live on Monday earlier this week and is available through the campaign disc of Halo: ODST. Developer Bungie announced that after 24 hours, almost 1,2 million players had logged on and played at least one match. In the same time, 157,972,986 kills had been made, which comes down to just over 1828 kills per second.