21 May

Action auteur and Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya seems pretty peeved on the adult-themed portrayals of his titular witch. Posting a twitter message, Kamiya-san stated, “It seems there’s pornographic doujinshi based off Bayonetta… There are fans who will resent that, and I hardly think those responsible [for the doujinshi] hold any love for the game…” Regardless of Bayonetta’s in-game form, the action game received critical praise for its bombastic animations, campy style, and tight combat gameplay.

What do you think of Bayonetta’s success as a sex symbol? Preach your views on feminism, games, and witches below!

4 thoughts on “Kamiya Upset about Pornographic Bayonetta”

  1. No exceptions.

    But seriously, this was to be expected. Bayonetta was designed as the next-gen Lara Croft, so it was inevitable that it would be taken to the next level.

    In fact, some time on the Internet in a few select places would reveal to Mr. Kamiya that there is porn of Resident Evil, Viewtiful Joe, and even Okami.

  2. Mr. Kamiya, see rule 34, no exceptions.

    I saw this coming a mile away (or 6 months before the game even came out). This is a pretty regular thing in Japan, just roll with it.

  3. There are pornographic images of prettymuch every female lead in a video game… right down to even the 16-bit era… I’ve stumbled upon pornographic peach, rosa, rydia, terra, celes, aeris, zelda, etc…. stupid google image search…

    I don’t see how anyone should expect different?

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