21 May

In what is now becoming a tradition for Sony, another E3 surprise has been leaked early. Killzone 3 will be officially announced in the July edition of GamePro magazine. (Out June 1st), and apparently it will also be in 3D. So for those lucky few that have a Ps3 and a 3D capable television, you will now be able to take the fight to the Hellghast in a whole different dimension. A reasonable gamer can suggest that this will be one of the flagship titles for Sony showing off the future of 3D gaming. The question now becomes, how will they show this off at E3 with the majority of the world not having this technology in their living room? The original post can be seen here…More details after the break.


Some additional details have emerged, including:

  • The game apparently includes jetpacks, which are described as “surprisingly lightweight and agile.” Also, jetpack is easier to maneuver compared to the sluggish incarnations of the gadget found in other games.”
  • The game will support 3D, and the 3D will apparently be a “Game Changer.”
  • The combat is “unchanged from predecessor,” except for the addition of hand-to-hand abilities that have you “Unloading a string of different (and often brutal) attacks on stunned enemies.”
  • The overall feel will be that “of being in a place far away from home, outnumbered by people who want to kill you.”

5 thoughts on “Killzone 3…D? Announced!”

  1. 3D won’t mean a thing to me, since I bought my TV before the feature became standard. That being said, I’m excited for more Killzone. I loved the last game.

  2. That Jetpack statement is obviously aimed at Halo Reach… having agile Jetpacks might be a bitch for balancing though, assuming it is a perk / pickup or something. Then again, it would be incredibly awesome 😉

    1. The thing is I see a Jetpack working better in the Halo Universe rather than the Killzone Universe. Halo is really floaty and agile, where Killzone has a lot more weight to it. I’m curious to see the differences between the two.

  3. 3D, why is the only resort devs are making these days. Same thing with Jetpacks. If a game can’t do jetpacks justice like Tribes did, then it is just another gimmick.

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