13 May

The executive board of Lucasarts looks to be in a bit of a shake-up, as President Darrell Rodriguez and several other executives have reportedly resigned from the company. Announced over a meeting, no official reason has been given for the resignations. Rodriguez himself was promoted under executive contention, his former boss Jim Ward also taking mysterious leave in 2008. Rodriguez’s position will held temporarily by staffer Jeremy Bowerman will Lucasarts corporate searches for a full-time replacement.

One thought on “Lucasarts President Resigns”

  1. I wonder if the old-school adventure titles will stop resurfacing because of this. He was largely responsible for that shift over at LucasArts. It was nice to see someone that didn’t try to put out nothing but Star Wars and Indiana Jones games.

    There were some issues in regards to those franchises, but on the whole he was making a smart shift.

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