11 May

K.O! Recession Wins!

This past Friday, publisher Namco Bandai revealed a year-over-year loss for the company totaling 300 million dollars. The company also published an overall net revenue loss of 11% from last year, most of the damage stemming from its video game division (6.85 billion yen, $74 million.) This comes despite 600 jobs having been cut this past February. In terms of games sold, Namco Bandai reported a total of 22.7 million units across 225 releases for fiscal 2009, there highest selling IP being Tekken 6 which sold 1.84 million units across platforms (not including sales from North America.) 65% of all units sold were on the PSP, DS, and Nintendo Wii platforms, but the company has expressed its continued interest in beefing up its support for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 with new titles like Enslaved and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom due out this year.

One thought on “Namco Bandai Gets Hit With Major Losses”

  1. How about Namco Bandai releases a few more Tales of Games over here in the states and in Europe, and then see what their financial statements would be.

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