27 May

David Perry’s Gaikai cloud gaming streaming service already made waves by successfully streaming Blizzard’s World of Warcraft on an iPad, and it appears that major investors have taken notice. TriplePoint Capital, Rustic Canyon Partners, Benchmark Capital have invested a combined total of $10 million into Gaikai, with Nate Redmond of Rustic Canyon Partners ascending to Gaikai’s Board of Directors as part of the agreement.

“Gaikai offers video game publishers and retailers an innovative cloud-computing solution that enables the acquisition of new video game players at a dramatically reduced cost.  This results in interesting new growth opportunities for the industry.  Gaikai is led by exceptional entrepreneurs and we are pleased to be partnering with them to accelerate the transition of the game industry online,” says Nate Redmond, Rustic Canyon Partners.

“Gaikai is poised to take advantage of sweeping changes in how games are bought, sold, and ultimately even played brought about by the industry-wide shift to digital distribution.  Benchmark is delighted to join in this round and increase our commitment to Gaikai, David Perry and the team,” says Mitch Lasky, Benchmark Capital.

“We’re proud to have Nate Redmond join the board, given his firm’s deep experience funding companies in the video game space, and to have Benchmark, our Series A investor, participate in this new round.  We’re equally excited to have the backing of TriplePoint, who have financed large internet infrastructure build-outs at Facebook and YouTube.  With this new financial support, the team at Gaikai is poised to deliver an amazing service to our customers,” says David Perry, Gaikai CEO.

“We’re very excited to be part of this group of premier investors helping to finance and make David Perry’s Gaikai vision a reality and success,” added Kai Tse, Managing Director at TriplePoint Capital.  “TriplePoint Capital is actively involved in financing venture backed companies in the gaming ecosystem and we find Gaikai to be among the most exciting innovators with game changing potential.”