20 May

Image May Not Represent any Final Product

The PSP has seen better days. The sales of the PSPGo! were under-whelming, and software has long had to compete with piracy, a lackluster attach rate, and an apathetic consumer market. Constant hardware bundles and anemic release schedules haven’t helped much either, despite hardware advancements into digital-only fronts. Thus, depending on your point of view, it either makes complete sense or no sense at all that Sony is looking to release another iteration of the PSP by late fiscal 2010. Based on a corroboration of many British sources, VG247 is reporting a PSP2 model that has long been in development.

Reportedly having two cameras (similar to the DSi), 3G functionality, and a touch-screen, this model is believed to be also be digital-only. The rumors also hint at several PSP2 games already being in development, and a source saying that the system is “f**king powerful” due to its four-core Cell processor (the PS3 runs on a similar eight-core processor). If true, expect details to be revealed at this year’s E3 during Sony’s scheduled press conference on June 15th.

8 thoughts on “PSP2 in 2011?”

  1. That thing is ugly. I like the fan made concept of a PSP2 where it was a rectangle that was a slider, and it had two nubs where they should be.

    Well if it is true than that would be interesting, and also testament that Sony can’t keep secrets about its consoles and handhelds.

      1. Oh gamegear, how you took so many batteries so people just resorted to using you with your AC adapter. Sonic and the Berenstain Bears were amazing, but alas, the Game Boy beat you and dominated until it handed the reins over to its little brother the DS.

  2. That is a shitty mockup if I’ve ever seen one. The analog nubs ABOVE the face buttons? Completely counter-intuitive and just plain retarded.

    1. I agree completely, it should look like a Dual Shock 3 but with a screen in the middle, and that shouldn’t be too hard to understand.

  3. Oh god, a touch screen… well I guess handhelds are a thing of the past for me. I’ll just have to stick to dissidia on my psp and not get anything new.

    1. If you look to the DS, even though it has a touch screen, a lot of the games don’t use it. Development for the touch screen is up to the Devs. Just as long as it is good. I am not sure about this, but I think Sony needs to do something about their handheld market after the travesty named the PSPgo.

  4. I have seen so few games that work well withgout the touch screen on the ds, which is why I rarely turn mine on…

    Touch screens are like mind control slugs… once they get involved, they just make everything about them.

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