14 Jun

In a pre-E3 event dedicated exclusively to the Xbox 360 motion controller only known by its working title Project Natal, Microsoft has unveiled that the controller-less motion control system will be known as Kinect. Several titles were unveiled to be in production to support the system, with LucasArts presenting a Star Wars-based title that will allow players to play lightsaber battles and utilize force powers such as the iconic “Force Push.”

Additional titles that were shown include a title known as Kinect Sports, which will include bowling, javelin throwing, hurdles, soccer and beach volleyball. The latter has been confirmed to be playable through Xbox Live. Kinectamals was introduced as a Xbox 360 version of the popular DS title Nintendogs. MTV introduced a dance game based on the platform, though few details were made available for that.

Additionally, Microsoft showed attendees that Kinect can be used to navigate the Xbox Dashboard in a “Minority Report”-style fashion. As Kinect will be able to recognize hand gestures, players will be able to navigate the entire dashboard without a controler.

More information is expected to be made available at the Microsoft press conference that is being held at the E3 later today, or at a dedicated Kinect event that is being held on Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “360 Motion Controller Named Kinect”

    1. That’s because this event was not aimed at the hardcore gamer. Kinect seems to be more aimed at a casual audience in general, and quite frankly, I guess that demographic is more likely to purchase a motion control extension than the hardcore audience. In that regard, I’m really looking forward to seeing what Sony will do, as they seem to be making an effort to present the Move as something non-casual… even though I sincerely doubt they can market it to that demographic.

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