07 Jun

Look Mr. Bubbles, misleading sales statistics!

One financial distinction that many gamers may not release is that “units shipped” does not mean “units sold.” Look no further than 2K’s Bioshock 2 which, according to the developer, shipped over 3 million units, but may have sold significantly less. Arvind Bhatia of analyst firm Sterne Agee released a statement on the Q1 statements in which 2K released the shipment statistics. However, no official statistics or predictions on how much Bioshock 2 actually sold have been released.

“Following Q1 when the company provided their Q2 guidance, BioShock 2 had shipped in more than 3 million units. While the initial release was strong, our checks indicate the tail on the title was relatively weak and we feel sell-through in the quarter likely came in well short of the 3M units shipped.”